Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

Individual User Barbara Delia

I LOVE THE UP N’ GO as you know.

My desire to give a glimpse of hope, and with hard work, progress….. the possibilities are endless…

There are so many that can benefit with improved movement and muscle retention and growth, not to mention my nerves improved with my brain communicating with my muscles, giving instructions for the movements and support to transfer… without a board to transfer to my van drivers seat. My legs support me.

I was diagnosed a T 10 and T 11 Complete Spinal Cord Injury Sept. 17, 2007. I couldn’t move my legs, feet or anything below my waist. The sense of touch, and needle pricks weren’t felt as well. It took me a year of hard work to move my foot a little. That was the most I could do. I searched the internet for something that could provide support so I could stand from sitting and continue moving and progressing. I found the “Up n’ Go” and loved meeting you and trying it out in the Myrtle Beach area.

The leg braces and regular walker that was provided for therapy over-rode my leg muscles and created terrible pain in my arms. Two therapists were needed for my safety, so when insurance ended this, (no functional improvement), this could not be continued. My concern was for my husband’s safety and both of us getting injured if we tried to continue the therapy approved method. The “Up n’ Go” was THE ANSWER. No more braces, no more over-riding the leg muscles and no more sore arms…. YES….

It will be 5 years after injury Sept. 17, 2012 and my legs are strong without atrophy. I will keep working until it all clicks, my brain, nervous system, muscles and I WILL WALK… Afterall it is Recovery not Rehabilitation that takes its’ time, which I have….

Barbara Delia


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