A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom
A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom


Achieving proper posture is a key precursor to learning to walk. The Up n’ Free can be used to coach proper posture in three important ways:

  1. Standing without relying on hand support
  2. Learning proper trunk control
  3. Learning to lock the knee

Hands Free standing

The natural instinct to avoid falling can be an important impediment to learning proper posture. With some weight bearing devices users sometimes focus on using their hands reflexively to give them a feeling of greater security. Often this leads to a bent forward trunk position that makes walking with a normal gait much more difficult. The secure feeling users get in the Up n’ Free quickly allows them to feel comfortable without using their hands. (‘Convenience’ handholds are provided on the Up n’ Free, but these are not required to move or otherwise use the device.)

Trunk Control

Because the user is partially supported and stabilized by the Up n’ Free, the caregiver can focus on coaching proper trunk position… with shoulders back and pelvis forward. Just as the user is ’hands free’, so too is the caregiver. Without having to focus on supporting or stabilizing the user, the caregiver can move the users legs and trunk as required to teach the proper body position.

Locking the knee

Learning to lock the knee is a key precursor to learning to walk. As with trunk control, the caregiver can coach the required leg and trunk position to achieve knee locking.

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