A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom
A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom

Sit to Stand

The sit to stand maneuver assisted by the Up n’ Free accomplishes three important functions:

  1. Raising the user by supplementing their lower extremity strength
  2. Learning/reinforcing the complex timing needed to stand
  3. Strengthening the lower extremities

Raising the user

The Up n’ Free supplements the lower extremity strength of the user and can enable them to stand with little to no assistance from a caregiver. The Up n’ Free allows the care giver to primarily perform a coaching role. The caregiver is not required to use any force to lift the user. Because the Up n’ Free fits under most wheelchairs, typical home chairs, commodes and even beds, it can be used in many settings. While not an intended function of the device, some home users have discovered that the Up n’ Free can be used to transfer from their bed to standing and then to sitting in a wheelchair… all without requiring lifting by a caregiver.

Learning to stand

The physical act of moving from sit to stand requires complex timing. The user must learn to lean forward and then push with their legs at the appropriate moment. Leaning either too far forward or back makes the act of standing impossible even if leg strength is completely sufficient. The Up n’ Free facilitates learning the stand maneuver in two important ways:

  1. The unit safely supports the user and so ’mistakes’ in timing will not lead to falling. The confidence that comes from this secure feeling can be an important element in the trail and error of learning the proper timing.
  2. The caregiver can coach the proper timing by slightly raising the support arms at the critical moment. This process can lead to the user acquiring the muscle memory necessary to carry out the maneuver on their own.


By supplementing the strength of the user’s lower extremities, individuals without adequate leg strength can be enabled to stand. Repeating this activity can lead to improved muscle tone in the lower extremities. As strength is built up, the amount of support provided by the Up n’ Free can be reduced. Each model of the Up n’ Free provides three levels of force adjustment so that a user can be provided only the minimum amount of supplemental support that they require to stand.

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