A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom
A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom

Stand up and move around!

With the Up n’ Free it may be possible!

If you lack enough leg strength to hold your body weight upright you are facing the possibility of being wheelchair-bound. By supplementing your leg strength with lifting support the Up n’ Free may allow you to stand and walk. If you have the necessary leg strength but have issues with balance, the Up n’ Free can also help. Designed to fit around most wheelchairs and many chairs, the device will help you transition from sit to stand while stabilizing you. Once you are upright it will move with you as you step. When you are tired from walking or other exercises the Up n’ Free can lock and allow you to sit and rest at any height position.

The easy transition and lever allows most cognitive patients to use the Up n’ Free without requiring assistance!

Freedom and Accessibility

The user can walk with and steer the Up n’ Free “Hands Free”. This feature increases user functionality in ways that existing walkers and gait trainers cannot. The unique dynamic support allows patients to walk longer without getting tired, allowing them to gain independence as they carry items or perform other household tasks.

User Safety

The user feels – and in fact is – safe when using the Up n’ Free. The risk of falling is greatly reduced because the seating system stabilizes the pelvis and maintains the user’s center of gravity within the frame. This allows the user to move independently without constant fear of falling and sit at any height position by locking the piston.

Mobile & Portable

The Up n’ Free is light weight (less than 20 lbs, 9 Kg) and highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius and swiveling wheels. Users are able to pass through standard home doors and fit in most rooms. The Up n’ Free can be rolled under most chairs, beds and wheelchairs and fits around standard commodes.

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