A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom
A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom

Gas Piston

The Gas Piston gives the Up nā€™ Free its unique support capability. Because Gas Pistons deliver constant force regardless of the degree to which they are compressed, the piston allows the user to be constantly and comfortably supported as he changes position. The support remains constant during walking and while transitioning from sit to stand and stand to sit.

Sit to Stand Transition
When moving from a sitting position from a wheelchair, bed, toilet or chair the gas piston provides constant support that adds to the muscle capability of the user.
Normal Gait
In order to walk with a normal gait, we need to slightly raise and lower our hips with each step that we take. The gas piston allows for this natural up and down movement while providing constant support.
By moving a simple pin, the support force provided by the springs can be adjusted to four support levels.

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