Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

Interrupting the Inevitable

As you evaluate the long-term outlook for your pediatric patients with moderate to severe lower extremity disabilities, ask yourself this: When they reach age 14, how many will have become permanently wheelchair-bound? If you answer, “Almost all of them,” your assessment is both reasonable and typical. Why? Because the patient’s weight gain overwhelms the ability to sustain progress. As the patient grows heavier they often find it difficult to exercise enough to develop adequate strength. At the same time, therapists and caregivers have increasing difficulty safely lifting and supporting the patient.

But what if there was a way to overcome these issues?

A new class of Partial Weight Bearing therapy aid called the Up n’ Go has the prospect of allowing at least some of your patients to make greater progress. How? By providing you a tool to use in therapy that will enable you to train, exercise and develop your patient as never before. From toddlers… where a key issue is “finding enough hands” to support and train their movement… to young adults… where weight support and safety (yours and theirs) become issues… the Up n’ Go may be able to provide new opportunities for you to develop your patients.

Imagine a device that can assist your patient in moving from a sitting to standing position. Imagine that same device supporting your patient comfortably and safely while you lead them through their therapy session. Begin with basic lower extremity strengthening, balance improvement and weight shifting. With more capable patients, progress toward proper posture and even a normal gait. Now imagine that the same device is both lightweight and cost effect enough† to be used at home by the patient.

Hard to imagine? The Up n’ Go is already in use at major rehabilitation hospitals and schools throughout the US. But seeing… or in this case… trying is believing. Visit us at our web site at or Contact us by email at or call us toll free at 1 877 549 9711 to arrange an in-service visit to your facility. We’ll show you the Up n’ Go, but better yet, we’ll demonstrate what can be achieved with one or more patients of your choosing.

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For pediatric patients most Medicaid and most insurance carriers will provide coverage

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