Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

Caregiver Valerie Mitchell

Hi my name is Valerie Mitchell, and I have a daughter who uses the Up n’ Go for exercise and therapy. Before using the Up n’ Go, my daughter could walk in a walker with lots of help from a physical therapist, but the process was labor intensive, and very difficult. They only practiced this way for about 5 minutes each week. It was not having the desired result, and especially was not making my daughter happy.

For her 5th birthday, all that my daughter wanted or talked about was a red Up n’ Go so she could walk. Luckily, my insurance covered the walker 100%. So for her birthday, she got the Up n’ Go. It was a purchase that changed everything for this family.

Now my daughter wants to be in the Up n’ Go all the time. We take it outside where she walks with me behind her, independently, her head held high, living life, instead of observing it. She chases her three year old brother around the yard, practically running, and going right up to the trees to touch their bark. The first time we put her into the Up n’ Go, she walked for about half a football field. Now I call her my “crazy walking chick.”

We go shopping with the Up n’ Go, and now my daughter is engaged, touching the fabrics, peering into the jewelry cases, and buying things for her friends. For her and our family, the Up n’ Go is life altering. It is the difference between not walking at all and being independent. It’s a wonderful device! We are thinking of taking a family vacation with the Up n’ Go to Texas. We plan on walking a lot. Our next step will be to use the Up n’ Go at school. Imagine that my daughter will be able to walk to the cafeteria on her own, and it won’t wear her out! In the Up n’ Go, my daughter can walk forever! She gets exercise without getting fatigued.

My daughter has much greater strength since she has been using the Up n’ Go. She used to use both legs at the same time, and now she can separate the right from the left in progression. But the main change in this family which resulted from using the Up n’ Go is that other people’s perception changed when they saw my daughter up and walking. She can interact with others on their level, and her self confidence is much higher.

“This is an amazing device!”

Valerie Mitchell
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