The Up n’ Go is the leading standard in true gait development. Therapists and caregivers can use this adjustable partial weight-bearing device to improve specific problem areas such as lower extremity strength, range of motion, and balance. By assisting individuals from sit to stand and allowing ambulation from a variety of positions including the bed, the Up n’ Go provides support and safety that competitors can’t match. Best of all, the device is lightweight and affordable so patients can continue using the device at home to continue improving and exercising in a safe environment while they develop correct and sustainable gait. The Up n’ Free is more than just a gait trainer. It is equipped with brand new dynamic partial weight-bearing support for added independence and safety. This dynamic lifting support helps users walk longer with less energy. The patented support unit not only allows tired patients to sit in any position, but stabilizes the pelvis to provide a safer walking experience. Patients can transfer by themselves, transition from sit to stand , and move hands-free as they achieve new levels of independence and functionality in the home. The Up n’ Tread benefits the patient and therapist. Dynamic or static capabilities. Ability to lock the piston. Dynamic standing capability. Up and Down (vertical movement). Weight Shifting (side movement) ability to do all the above without treadmill in motion. Easy access with a wheelchair. Wheelchair ramp can easily be added. Easy access to lower extremities. Allowing for effective and easy treatment by a therapist. Patient and therapist safety. Stable support ensures safety of the patient and therapist.
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