Restoring walking is a key step to independence
Restoring walking is a key step to independence

Up n’ Tread Benefits the Patient and Therapist

Dynamic Body Weight Support

  • True unweighting control—the patient is unweighted to meet their capabilities.

True Weight Shifting

  • Allows weight shift while unweighted (side movement).

Promotes Normal Gait

  • Enables the body to move up and down (dynamic) and side to side (weight shifting) to simulate and give the right sensory input to develop a normal gait pattern.

Pelvis Supported and Aligned

  • Pelvis is supported by front pad that can be adjusted to the proper position (height and angle).
  • Fully adjustable seat to support the pelvis— position as well as angle.
  • Elastic strap keeps the pelvis stable and aligned correctly, which helps develop proper gait.

Continuous Adjustable Support Level

  • Fits the patient’s support needs by allowing adjustment of the support level to be continuous while utilizing the device.

Easy In and Out

  • No special harness or pants required.
  • Individuals that can ambulate with some help can readily be connected to the Up n’ Tread.
  • A ramp allows for easy transfer of wheelchair bound patients.
  • Seat and front pad are easily cleaned.

Dynamic Standing Capabilities

  • Up and Down (vertical movement)
  • Weight Shifting (side movement) ability to do all of the above without the treadmill in motion
  • Ability to lock the piston(for safety)

Easy Access to Lower Extremities

  • Allowing for effective and easy treatment by a therapist
  • Patient and therapist safety
  • Stable support ensures safety of the patient and therapist
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