A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom
A Safer Environment for Stepping to Freedom

Jill Kimbrough – Mother of 11 year old user

Dear Easy Walking!
Thanks to you we have a solution for our daughter! After 10 years of keeping our daughter walking with one of us (her parents or paraprofessionals at school) helping, our daughter reached a weight where her walking became very difficult to faciliate. She is now almost 80 lbs. We refuse to use a wheelchair as we are and always have been totally committed to keeping our daughter walking. Kids with Rett Syndrome tend to become very stiff, have digestive problems, and their limbs contract very easily. We have worked very hard against this disease to keep our daughter upright and walking. Now with this wonderful invention, our daughter can walk with very little assistance. She can stand safely with nice posture, and feel independent in her day to day activities. She can see eye to eye with her peers. She can even dribble and pass a soccer ball in her new Up and Free walker! It is so easy to use that when she is out of it, the kids in her class can try it out!
Thank You for Creating This Wonderful Tool for Our Daughter,

Jill Kimbrough,
Mother of Millie Kimbrough , age 11, diagnosed with Rett Syndrome

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