Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

Partial Weight Bearing

An earlier class of partial weight bearing devices sometimes called lifts is in wide usage in professional physical therapy settings. The best of these devices have many of the same features as the Up n’ Go. They can support the user when moving from sitting to standing and provide constant support while allowing the user to raise and lower their hips when walking to achieve a normal gait. These devices are quite large and typically are used in conjunction with a treadmill.

Comparing to the Up n’ Go

The most startling difference between lifts and the Up n’ Go is the size of the devices. The Up n’ Go weighs less than twenty pounds and moves about freely as the user moves. In addition to providing much more flexibility in use by the therapist (For example no treadmill is required so the user can walk at their own pace over most flat surfaces), the device is small enough to by used in most home settings. Thus a user can progress from therapy to home use while retaining the same support capability. A further important difference is that the Up n’ Go sells for about a third of the price of most lifts. As a result it provides an economical alternative in the professional setting and a sensible price for the home user.

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