Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence


See your loved one make real progress

If your loved one has part but not all of the strength and balance required to walk, they face life in a wheelchair.

But what if a device could make up the difference between their strength/balance and what they lack? That’s exactly what the Up n’ Go does. With the Up n’ Go and a professionally designed physical therapy program, real progress is often possible.

And while progress is desirable on many levels, an important hidden benefit can be that the ability to exercise using the Up n’ Go can forestall de-conditioning and the debilitating weight gain that can occur when a patient is restricted to a wheelchair.

Progress leads to perseverance

A very real problem in some therapy situations is rigorously maintaining an improvement program. If progress is limited or hard to see, perseverance can fade. The Up n’ Go often provides a significant boost to patient performance that can benefit everyone in the household. When progress can be seen or when therapy can involve some fun activities in addition to all the hard work, it can be easier to develop and follow the daily routines that can lead to an improved quality of life for the patient.

Continue at home what was learned in therapy

Many care givers find that what seemed so easy for the therapist in a professional setting can be much more challenging when the patient is at home. The Up n’ Go helps this situation in two important ways.

First, the device itself is practical to use in most home settings. Thus your loved one can use exactly the same device in your home that they used in therapy.

Second, the device provides most of the lifting and stabilizing force that the user needs. While it may be a challenge for you to lift or move a spouse or older child, the Up n’ Go does most of this work for you.

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