Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

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Hands Free
Because the user is supported above their center of gravity, they are stable without requiring any use of hands on the Up n’ Go. The hand grips on the device are for convenience and comfort, but they are not required to maintain stability or to move the unit.
Sit to Stand
The Up n’ Go will fit around or under wheelchairs as well as much typical home furniture. This includes beds, chairs, couches and toilets. Then the Up n’ Go provides the constant lifting support to assist the user in raising and lowering themselves from or to a sitting position. Since moving from sitting to standing requires more strength and agility than merely standing or walking, the Up n’ Go’s ability to assist in this key task is a major factor in improving the independence of the user.
Walk freely and safely
Walking with a normal gait requires that the user slightly raise and lower their body with each step. The Up n’ Go provides constant support while it allows this up and down movement (True Partial Weight Bearing). Thus, walking with a normal gait is possible. The unit also rolls freely on many floor surfaces to follow the user’s movement without requiring ’steering’ or pushing with the hands.
Because the Up n’ Go provides stable and mobile support, many forms of exercise are possible. This can include previously impossible play by pediatric users and aggressive leg strengthening and conditioning exercise by adults.
Perform Household Tasks
The Up n’ Go can be used “hands free,” allowing the user to perform simple carrying tasks and many other typical household functions. And unlike a wheelchair, these tasks can be performed while standing and walking.
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