Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence


Stand up and walk! It may be possible!

If you lack enough leg strength to hold your body weight upright, you are facing the possibility of being wheelchair-bound.

By supplementing your leg strength with lifting support, the Up n’ Go may allow you to stand and walk. If you have the necessary leg strength but have issues with balance, the Up n’ Go may also benefit you. Designed to fit around most wheelchairs and many chairs, the device will help you go from sitting to standing while stabilizing you. Once you are upright it will move with you as you take a step. When you have completed your walking or other exercise tasks, the Up n’ Go will help you to gently return to a sitting position.

Some users can achieve this on their own. Most users require assistance from a care giver or therapist. Even then, a crucial issue is that those assisting you are giving only help/guidance. All lifting is done by you in combination with the Up n’ Go.

Feel securely supported while exercising

The adjustable lifting support of the Up n’ Go provides just the amount of support that you or your therapist specify. Depending on your body weight and height, models are available that deliver specified levels of support from 7 to 150 pounds. The support is transferred to your body via a garment-like support device. It feels much like a pair of snug shorts… except these “shorts” give you an incredibly strong sense of security. Your pelvis is stabilized while it is supported so you can focus on your exercise task or activity.

Develop strength and balance while exercising

Specific strength exercises you can perform include squatting, lunging, weight shifting, side walking, back walking and more. Because you are partially supported by the Up n’ Go you can work on each leg individually… especially important if your weak and strong sides have different capabilities. In addition, the amount of support that the Up n’ Go provides is adjustable. As your strength and balance improve and you require less support the Up n’ Go can be adjusted accordingly.

Implicit in all of the above is that your care giver/ therapist is primarily acting as a coach and guide. It is not necessary for them to lift or hold you.

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