Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence
Restoring the ability to walk is a key step toward independence

Physical Therapist Lisa Stachler, PT, DPT

Clinical Educator for Physical Therapy
Weisman’s Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital

I’ve been a physical therapist for ten years and I not only treat pediatric patients, but I also mentor other physical therapists at the hospital. My typical patient is a child with either cerebral palsy or some type of neurological disorder. I’ve been using the Up n’ Go for about two years, and I like the way the Up n’ Go facilitates patients to take steps using their leg muscles, rather than bearing their weight by leaning on their arms.

I can give you some examples of my patient’s progress using the Up n’ Go. A 10 year old child used the Up n’ Go in intense therapy for three weeks, five days a week. She had never been able to walk without someone supporting her forearms before. She previously used walkers, but these walkers allowed her to bear more of her weight with her arms to walk, unlike the Up n’ Go. After three weeks walking with the Up n’ Go, with increased weight taken through her legs instead of her arms, she increased her strength significantly. She was able to walk without her mother holding her forearm, through the house.

Another patient, age thirteen now, tried other gait trainers, but was only able to walk without maximum assistance for only 15 feet. The Up n’ Go is the first and only gait trainer that she is able to use to walk with assistance. She now occasionally plays soccer walking in the Up n’ Go rather than using her wheelchair. She also uses the Up n’ Go for gym class.

The Up n’ Go can be used in therapy to exercise a weaker leg. I have a patient who does not bear equal weight on each leg, preferring to hike her hip on one side. I use the Up n’ Go to allow this patient to walk so that the weight is more evenly distributed at her pelvis, allowing this patient to walk with less hip hiking.

I also have a patient who began using the Up n’ Go only 2 months ago, and is already standing with better posture, and able to stand much longer at a table top.

Parents of the children who use the Up n’ Go for therapy seem very happy because their children are walking better.


Lisa Stachler, PT, DPT
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