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  1. Keri Jo Chorpenning says:

    I am the mother to a five year-old little boy who is delayed in every sense of the word. Still without a firm diagnosis, he cannot walk without great support, is non-verbal, and is growing like a weed! While he cannot express himself verbally, our family can certainly see the happiness he experiences being upright and moving vs. sitting on the floor using his modified crawl. He has discovered that the world looks a lot different when he is standing and walking with the use of his Up N Go.

    We received this piece of equipment with the help of his long-time PT who has used the Up N Go with other individuals with great success. Our son has used this device for over two and half years and he continues to enjoy the movements he can activate: sitting to stand, reciprocal leg movement, and moving upright from room to room with help from multiple caregivers . . . including his nine year-old sister!

    Using the Up N Go, in combination with other equipment (i.e. stander, Kaye walker), has aided his digestion and his hip growth and development have improved. I am so glad to have been introduced to this great piece of equipment and hope the local school district will look into obtaining/utilizing it for more individuals whose needs mirror my son’s.